Get Your “Groove” On with Great Tours of Australia

Nelsons Daryl October 8, 2016 Comments Off on Get Your “Groove” On with Great Tours of Australia
Get Your “Groove” On with Great Tours of Australia

Every nation features its own unique aura. Each one has its own distinct landscape, cultural idiosyncrasies, and common customs. Say “France” to someone, and they’re bound to think of the Parisian skyline or the grandeur of Versailles. Say “America” to the same person, and they’ll think of anything from “purple mountains majesties” and “New York, New York” to “Hollywood, USA” and hotdogs. Australia is lucky enough to have built not only an identity, but also a nationally defining tourism industry. Australian life largely revolves around boundless natural bounties and hordes of wildlife teeming in its countryside.

This can make for a great vacation destination, especially for those looking to explore some of Australia’s most defining natural sites while sticking to a budget. Here are just a few ways to turn a bus tour through Australia’s natural beauty into an identity-affirming, life-changing experience.

About Buses

First thing’s first—what are these buses like? For starters, they’re bigger than your average bus, so they provide maximum comfort for the passengers. Accordingly, they boast a bigger radiator system, with four rows instead of the standard three. Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to such vehicles, as they feature tyres that are eight-ply, two spares instead of the usual one, and top-of-the-line seatbelts for maximum protection. Add to that the sturdy overall construction and creature comforts such as exceptionally comfy seats and tinted windows to keep you cool from the blazing Australian sun, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to traverse Oz.

Potential Tours

These busses provide an amazing opportunity to participate in a guided tour. Groovy Grape Australia tours offer some of the finest journeys across Australia’s most beautiful landscapes, all while creating a social atmosphere among fellow passengers. These interactions create lasting memories, as families can bond and share experiences with like-minded travellers along the way. Tour the ridges and rocks of the southern Flinders Ranges, or delve into the deep underground world of Coober Pedy. Enjoy the great beauty of the ocean along the Melbourne coast, or take a peek at the lives of kangaroos and other wildlife in The Outback.


Special Packages

Sure, you want to go on holiday, but can you afford it? One of the most common concerns when it comes to holiday planning is that of money, and it can have a nasty way of stifling otherwise great plans. Thankfully, one of the best ways to cut down on the cost of vacationing is to schedule your trip in accordance with a special event as part of a package. These types of deals generally revolve around a specific event or location, which provides additional tour structure and comparatively less expensive trips. You can see some amazing sights, while likewise enjoying amazing savings!

Get your “groove” on with an exciting trip across the Australian countryside as part of a great bus tour today.

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