How to Save Money Over the Holidays Using Your Discover Credit Card

Nelsons Daryl April 28, 2017 Comments Off on How to Save Money Over the Holidays Using Your Discover Credit Card
How to Save Money Over the Holidays Using Your Discover Credit Card

Places like Nerd Wallet can help you find deals on various types of credit cards. You can look into their fees, interest rates, travel rewards, cash back rewards, etc and compare them.  A lot of these analyses don’t really give much credit to online rewards malls though.

To help customers save money, numerous credit card companies and loyalty programs offer hotel rewards, frequent flyers miles and online malls. At these online malls, consumers can make everyday purchases at discount prices, or can earn rewards that can be turned in for cash, gift cards or credit for their statement.

A lot of these rewards programs boast 2% cash back rewards and 5% cash back on everyday purchases, but say little about their online malls. It’s really a shame because their customers could be saving an additional 2-20% on purchases made at the online malls.

Discover Trumps them All

Out of all the online rewards malls that we have looked into, ShopDiscover has been the ultimate winner. We’ve compared it to 15 other rewards shopping malls. To date, the ShopDiscover portal gives deals offered by 190 different stores, and out of the 20 popular shops that we highlight, Discover trumps over the other online malls, topping the rankings in 12. You can also earn CashBack Bonus rewards and Discover Miles when you make any purchases.

Then to put the cherry on top, Discover has other bonuses that are perfect for the holidays. They have a variety of merchants participating in their online mall, like Sears and Dell, who offers 10% on purchases.

Discover is also making the deal even sweeter by doubling the typical 1% CashBack Bonus to 2% through Dec. 31st for online shopping transactions up to $1,000.

No Thanks to Black Friday

Likely you have seen plenty of photos of mobs at Walmart and other department stores, and have heard of horror stories of people getting trampled in stampedes during Black Friday events. Who wants to deal with that when you can sit at home and earn cash back rewards from the safety of your home PC? Discover makes this ultra easy. Some shops like Blue Nile offer free shipping as well.

Don’t worry, the deals don’t vanish with the holidays. A lot of the increased bonuses are meant to bring in more holiday shoppers, but customers of Discover CashBack Bonus and Miles cards can still get 1% everyday rewards and 5% bonus rewards for special categories. You can also shop with hundreds of retailers that offer 5-20% cash back after the holidays.

You can take it from us – your best bet is to skip the lines and save money by using your Discover card. If you have yet to get one, then do your research!

Do Your Holiday Shopping On Groupon!

If you’re looking for even more deals, you can stop by Groupon to look for products and services at discounted rates. You can find coupons from merchants like Children’s Place, Petsmart and Walmart, to name a few. There are thousands of merchants updating their coupons each day, so make sure to check them out!


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