Phone Smarter Not Harder

Nelsons Daryl December 23, 2017 Comments Off on Phone Smarter Not Harder
Phone Smarter Not Harder

Keeping in touch with family and friends during the winter is much easier if you have a reliable network behind the smart phone you use.  Few things are more frustrating than missing calls, having poor connections or not enough data to last the whole month.  Using a smart phone or cell phone can be a matter of what your household budget can stand.  Both smart phones and cell phones are mobile cellular devices.  One is simply capable of doing more computing than the other.  If you’ve ever left a message for someone and they said they didn’t get it, it can be frustrating.  The same goes for sending emails they say they couldn’t “see.”  What makes the difference is the operating system and the features that are on their individual phones.  A simple cell phone like a Jitterbug your grandparents might use, can make and receive calls, and it might have a few other features like large buttons, easy to read fonts or apps to help them navigate around the city.  For the small price they pay monthly, they are likely to be content with the fact they can use the phone around the house, in doors and out, and can listen to messages you might leave them.

A person with a smart phone, like the ones you’ll find sold by AT&T, will have a more powerful phone that is capable of doing so much more.  A simple budget cell phone won’t have the capacity to run apps that can track your health, connect with your printer, or provide an assistant like Suri.  These are the features you get when you sign up for phone service like that offered by major network providers.  And you’ll have a wide selection of smart phones, tablets, notebooks, virtual assistants and other devices when you choose a major network like AT&T.   Still, there are ways to have the best on a budget, and that’s by using Groupons to help manage your cell phone needs.  They offer coupon codes that are good for more than phones alone.  You can sign up for a bundle that will include television service through Direct TV, and TV streaming devices that let you see select shows and specials at a discount rate.

You have a choice of the name brand devices with AT&T that you won’t have with others.  They offer LG, Samsung, Motorola, Apple and more.  And they carry lots of accessories to enhance and support your smart phone service.  As phones get smarter, the price increases, but when you factor in how much you gain, such as home security systems with remote monitoring, apps for ordering food, clothing and shelter it really amounts to a savings.

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