Top 5 cities where you should visit in your first china tour

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Top 5 cities where you should visit in your first china tour

Are you planning to visit in eastern Asia‘s most largest country for first time? Well there are so many things that you should know about china. As you know china is one of the most developed countries with jaw dropping wonderful buildings and locations. It’s hard to deny that china is one of those countries who rebuilt itself after a huge disaster and now it becomes one of the most powerful countries in the world.  China is a perfect balance of tradition and modern time.

Where to go and why: china favorite’s destination

Well, it’s hard to summarize China’s best places into few words but still here are some most recommend places where you should visit in your first china tour.

Honkong: fusion of different culture

It’s a place where you can see china’s history, traditions and modernity in same place. It’s also known as shopping paradise, where you can get world’s most stylist dresses at affordable price. Not to forget, if you are a big fan of Brue lee, then you should visit in honkong heritage center. This city is one o the most economic generated cities in the world that’s why it also known as four Asian tigers. For enjoying your trip make sure you make your plan in middle of October to December as it is consider as  best time to visit honkong.

 Hangzhou: heaven in china

This place is considered as one of the most elegant and heaven like place on earth. You can spend your whole life here happily. It’s an historical and cultural hub of china. If you want to see are Chinese cultures than you should visit lingyin temple, six harmonies pagoda, King Qian’s Memorial, The Broken Bridge etc.  Hangzhou is also famous for best silk material and worlds’ tasty teas.

Shanghai: a city that never sleeps

World’s one of the most famous city for different multinational companies and techno hub. It’s a city where you can lose yourself in huge buildings, mouthwatering cusines, beautiful sights and many more things. you can do so many things like you can see snagai circus world , take a ride In maglev also know as  worlds most fastest train , do lots o shopping in Nanjing road etc. if you are food lover then don’t forget to taste China ‘s famous cuisines like dim sum ,  Macanese pork chop bun, Peking duck pancakes . Etc

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