Travelling to Christchurch

Nelsons Daryl September 11, 2016 Comments Off on Travelling to Christchurch
Travelling to Christchurch

There are a seemingly infinite number of things to do in Christchurch, New Zealand. Many people simply see the city as their first entry point into the South Island, marking the lower part of New Zealand. Because of this, they may only spend a day in the city before heading out to explore the rest of the island; but by doing so, they’re missing out on a lot of unique sights and things to do. Christchurch is more than just a place to start your New Zealand adventure. In fact, it can be the entire adventure by itself. Here are just a few of the reasons why you might want to travel to Christchurch.

Ride the Gondola

One of the unique things you can do in Christchurch is ride the gondola up and over the Canterbury Plains. You’ll start your trip by taking a quick drive over to Heathcote Valley. There, you can board the gondola and take a trip up through the Time Tunnel; a unique experience that teaches you about the region’s history. Once you arrive at the summit of Mt. Cavendish, you can visit the gift shop and eat lunch at their wonderful café. It takes about ten minutes to get to the top, but you’ll spend every second checking out the amazing view.

Visit the Cardboard Cathedral

The Cardboard Cathedral is a unique structure that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. This cathedral, sometimes called the Transitional Cathedral, is actually constructed mostly out of cardboard and plastic. It was erected following the major earthquake of 2011 that left much of Christchurch damaged. One part of the city that saw substantial damage was the Christchurch Cathedral. This historic site was completed in 1904 after decades of work, but the earthquake left the structure unusable and largely defunct.

Visit Ferrymead Historic Park

If you employ a car hire in Christchurch, you can drive out to Ferrymead Historic Park, which is about half an hour’s drive from the city. It’s well worth it, however, because you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The park is built as if it were a fully functioning village from the 1900s, complete with a classic church, schoolhouse, railway station, post office, general store, and many other historic town fixtures. The various museums in the area, each operated by a different historical society, will give you insight into what life was like in New Zealand over a century ago. No visit to the park is complete without a ride on the tram or the steam train, as well.

Defy Gravity at Adrenalin Forest

If you love heights, adventure, and the rush that comes with both, you’ll love Adrenalin Forest. This fun adventure park includes an obstacle course suspended as high as 20 metres up in the trees, and you’ll have to make it through dozens of different challenges while negotiating your way through to the end of the course. There are six different courses in all, with some being more difficult than the others. You’ll be attached to a safety line every step of the way; so there’s no real danger, just a lot of fun.

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